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What is your Sugar Level Before?
What is your Sugar Level Before?
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I monitor my blood sugar

I monitor my blood sugar daily. Within one month of drinking the tea, I have seen significant decrease in my glucose levels. Even as I continue to eat fruits in the morning which increases my sugar levels. I am happy to say that I am eating better because of the tea. For me, I use the tea alongside oral hypoglycemics and other medications with having no known or felt side effects. – Mr. Frederick Co

Name:Nenita L. Co
Sugar Level Before:140-200
Sugar Level After:100-120

I had been recommended to

I had been recommended to take medications to control my sugar levels. I was afraid that by already taking medications, it might have unpleasant effects to the body. There is also that fear of hypoglycemia where sugar levels can fluctuate. Taking the tea has helped my FBS stay within the normal range. More than that, I appreciated that the tea has a pleasant taste and do not induce allergic reactions.

Name:Maribeth Dizon
Sugar Level Before:105
Sugar Level After:90

I have borderline sugar level

I have borderline sugar level where I control it through self-management. I wanted to try the tea hoping I can control my sugar effectively and improve my lifestyle. I was pleased that my sugar level decreased where it had never went down to that number before. At first I was concerned how this could possibly happen but the GlucosCare team assured me that it is because the tea has high efficacy and does not have side effects to the body.

Name:Susan Wee
Sugar Level Before:N/A
Sugar Level After:N/A

Saved my life!

I have very high sugar levels. I would find numerous ways to lower my sugar just to keep my life but could not seem to really control my sugar. Within 1 month of drinking the tea, GlucosCare was able to lower my blood sugar level and made it stable. My energy is better, no hunger pangs, and my food intake has lessened. Truly a life saver!

Name:Joey Rivas
Sugar Level Before:660
Sugar Level After:90-110